The importance of a website portal

Information portals and websites design with SEO standards plays an extremely important role in today’s digital era environment with significant impacts. This is the main communication channel of an organization, business or community. It provides detailed information about products, services, events, news and other important information. Information portals help create effective communication between organizations and customers and users. In addition, a professional and attractive website helps enhance the organization’s visibility and brand. It creates a strong first impression, conveying the organization’s value and professionalism to customers and users.

Many elements of website design
Many elements of website design

The website portal also allows access and interaction with a large number of users globally. By leveraging new technologies and techniques, website portals provide a platform for customers and users to interact, give feedback, participate and share information. It is an important tool to enhance an organization’s marketing and business capabilities. It provides not only a channel to promote products and services, but also allows reaching a wide customer audience, collecting data and analyzing customer information to optimize marketing strategies.

Therefore, having a professional website portal is something that plays an important role in communication, enhancing visibility and branding, reaching and interacting with customers, and enhancing marketing and business capabilities. , and expand the reach of an organization.

What are SEO standards?

SEO standards (Search Engine Optimization) are a set of rules, methods and techniques applied to improve the position of a website in the natural search results of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo , and more. The goal of SEO Standards is to increase the ability to find and display a website in a higher position in search results, thereby increasing traffic and user interaction. Important factors in SEO Standards include optimizing content, keywords, site structure, links, page load speed, and many other factors to meet the requirements and algorithms of the engines. search.


Standard SEO elements
Standard SEO elements

With SEO standards, our website can improve the following factors:

  • Increases findability in organic search results, leading to increased findability and reach to potential customers
    Increase traffic
  • Create a better user experience: This includes increasing page load speed, improving site structure, and optimizing content and user interface. When users have a good experience on your website, they tend to stay longer, are more engaged, and are likely to return in the future.
  • Increased competition:  If your website is not optimized for search engines, you could fall behind your competitors
  • Save marketing costs: Compared to traditional forms of advertising such as advertising on television, radio or newspapers, SEO standards have lower costs and bring long-term results.

In short, SEO standards are necessary to increase findability, increase traffic, provide better user experience, create competitive advantage and save marketing costs in today’s digital era environment.

Information portals and websites design with SEO standards service

This service provides solutions and technologies to build and optimize your portal and website according to SEO standards. Here are some key points of this service:

1. Website design and development: Provides a professional website design and development process, customized to your needs and requirements. The design team will create an attractive interface that is easy to use and compatible with different devices.

2. Keyword research: Conduct keyword research to identify important and relevant keywords for your industry, helping to optimize website content and increase visibility in results search.

3. Content optimization: By optimizing titles, descriptions, keywords, and content structure. This helps search engines better understand a website’s content and improves its position in search results.

Website conditions meet SEO standards
Website conditions meet SEO standards


4. Technical optimization: Including page load speed, URL structure, sitemap, and taxonomy system, increases the likelihood of the website being visited and displayed well on search engines sword.

5. Link Building: This involves creating links from relevant and high-quality websites, from trustworthy sources.

6. Tracking and reporting: The service provides website performance tracking and reporting. This helps you track important metrics like traffic, keyword rankings, and user interactions, and make appropriate adjustments and improvements.

With extensive experience and a team of dedicated experts, we are committed to bringing you an optimal and attractive website, helping to improve your position on search engines and attract visits from potential customers. At the same time, provide post-deployment support and monitoring to ensure your website stays up and running and maintains momentum.

Let us share our understanding and experience in this field so that you can have an outstanding SEO website that stands out from the crowd and brings sustainable business benefits.