Technology transfer is the process of transferring and applying knowledge, techniques and technological products from a research and development foundation to actual production and commercial application. It plays an important role in facilitating innovation, improving the performance and competitiveness of organizations and countries, and contributing to the sustainable development and progress of society. Through the process of technology transfer, ideas and innovations are turned into real value, benefiting the community and contributing to human progress.

1. Design and installation of net houses (greenhouses)

Design, deploy, install all types of net houses, greenhouses, greenhouses using hydroponic and aeroponic technology… with technology transfer to serve growing vegetables, tubers, fruits, orchids using technology: hydroponics , aeroponics,…;

Hướng dẫn xây dựng nhà lưới, nhà màng, nhà kính

Dưa lưới trồng nhà kính được chăm sóc theo phương pháp tiên tiến

2. Design and installation of IoT technology applications in agriculture

Farm environment monitoring: integrated temperature and humidity control of automatic irrigation and fertilization systems;

Hệ thống nông nghiệp (Agricultural Systems) là gì? Nội dung

Ứng dụng IoT trong hệ trồng cây ngoài trời

Monitoring environmental parameters of CNC shrimp, pangasius and basa fish farming ponds

Giám sát tự động chất lượng nước nuôi trồng thủy sản

With technology transfer, creative breakthroughs and enhancing effective strategies, work efficency will be improved.

  • Design and installation of solar drying systems for agricultural, aquatic and seafood products;
  • Technology for preserving citrus fruits, fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Food preservation technology using biosafety methods;
  • Technology for producing tea marinated with fresh flowers (chrysanthemum, osmanthus, jasmine, etc.) uses freeze-drying technology;
  • Technology for producing jam of some fruits such as plums, apricots, orange peels, etc.;
  • Drying technology for agricultural products: dried, crispy, freeze-dried, freeze-dried: bananas, mangoes, dragon fruits, pineapples, oranges,…;
  • Technology for producing fruit juices;
  • Nanotechnology enhances the value chain of export-oriented Asparagus products;