What is of barcodes?

Barcode, also known as business code, is by definition a method of storing and transmitting information using a type of symbol called barcode symbology. And below the barcode is the corresponding series of codes.

According to the provisions of Article 3 of Decision 15/VBHN-BKHCN of the Ministry of Science and Technology promulgating “regulations on the issuance, use and management of barcodes” according to which “Barcode is a series of parallel lines and alternating spaces to represent the code so it can be read by a scanner.” “A code is a series of numbers used to identify items, locations, and organizations.”

Barcodes can be read by optical scanning devices called barcode readers or scanned from images using specialized software. Barcodes represent product information such as: Manufacturing country, business name, batch, registered quality standards, product size information, inspection location…

Structure of business barcode

Each product carries only a unique barcode that never changes. For codes: The structure of the most common global trade item code today in Vietnam is the GTIN 13 code consisting of 13 digits. When reading this code, we read from left to right in the following order:

– The first three digits 893 represent the GS1 Country Code administered and issued by the GS1 Organization to Vietnam;

– The next four, five, six or seven digits represent the Enterprise Identification Number managed by GS1 Vietnam and issued to organizations using GS1 codes;

– The next five or four or three or two digits represent the Item Identification Number administered and assigned by the organization using the GS1 code to its items;

– The last digit represents the Check Number (calculated from the previous twelve digits according to GS1’s determination algorithm).

Therefore, to ensure the reputation and brand of businesses, the use of barcodes is a way to differentiate products, as well as create consumer trust.

Register barcode number

Code issuance is performed in the following order:

– Register for use;

– Receive use registration documents;

– Appraisal of documents and issuance of Certificate of Use Rights;

– User manual.

When the organization/business using the code has a change in legal status, name or transaction address or the Certificate is lost or damaged, the organization/business using this code must notify in writing. copy to the General Department of Standards and Quality to have a new Certificate renewed or reissued. Organizations/businesses using this type of code are responsible for paying the costs of exchanging and reissuing the Certificate of Use Rights.

List of country codes around the world

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