(TTV) Trade promotion skills training conference in 2023

On the morning of August 8, at Minh Thanh Guest House, the Provincial Cooperative Alliance in collaboration with the Vietnam Institute of Science, Technology and Environment organized a trade promotion skills training conference in 2023.

During the three-day period, students will be guided by lecturers from the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, especially from the Institute of Science, Technology and Environment, to improve the necessary skills. necessary to access and apply information technology, digital transformation, as well as use internet search engines. This training course also focuses on skills in marketing, customer care, communication and sales on digital platforms, as well as e-commerce store management skills, trade promotion and development. market. The goal of the course is to apply this knowledge to organization of operations, production and business, expanding markets and improving the efficiency of cooperative activities in the new period.

Not only providing knowledge, the training course also aims to equip cooperatives with the necessary skills in introducing, promoting and connecting consumer markets. In particular, focus will be placed on agricultural products and typical specialties of the province. In addition, the course also creates conditions for cooperatives to exchange and discuss difficulties and problems in the production and business process. This helps enhance the exchange of experience and support among members of the cooperative community, thereby promoting the sustainable development and prosperity of business activities in the industry.

Van Nam

Source: tuyenquangtv.vn

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