Transferring technology in environmental pollution treatment with biological products

The problem of environmental pollution treatment

Rapid industrial development and urbanization have led to a rapid increase in the amount of waste and emissions released into the environment. Many production facilities and industrial parks lack effective waste treatment measures. Compliance with regulations on protecting life safety in some places is still lax. Therefore, environmental pollution treatment is one of the top concerns.

Accumulated waste affecting people's lives is a difficult problem
Accumulated waste affecting people’s lives is a difficult problem

Air pollution from vehicles, industrial activities and waste burning is increasingly serious, causing many health problems for people. Water pollution due to chemical residues, heavy metals, plastic waste… is also at an alarming level. To solve the pollution situation, there needs to be drastic intervention and environmental impact assessment by the Government, businesses and people through legal measures, technology and environmental protection awareness. Only then can we protect a healthy life for the present and the future.

Biological products in environmental pollution

These types of preparations are being applied more and more widely in treating environmental pollution. These preparations have many advantages compared to traditional methods: Biological preparations are mainly based on microorganisms, enzymes or other biological compounds that can effectively decompose and treat pollutants. fruit. They can decompose organic substances, grease, toxic chemicals in wastewater, polluted soil… Some products can eliminate odors and treat exhaust gases.

Used and trusted in agriculture
Used and trusted in agriculture

Compared to traditional chemical and physical methods, biological products are often eco-friendly, safe for humans, and do not leave toxic waste. They are easily integrated into existing treatment processes. The types of microorganisms and enzymes in preparations are often very stable and work effectively in many different conditions.

The use of biological products is an effective, sustainable, environmentally friendly pollution treatment method that is being applied increasingly popularly. However, for effective use, it is necessary to select and manage preparations appropriate to each specific type of pollution.

Environmental pollution treatment with biological products

Transferring technology to treat environmental pollution with preparations is one of the important solutions to solve pollution in the current context. Many countries have successfully developed and applied technologies using biological products to treat various types of pollution such as wastewater, exhaust gas, polluted soil… These products are based on microorganisms. , yeast and enzymes have the ability to effectively decompose and oxidize pollutants.

Using biological products in oil pollution treatment
Using biological products in oil pollution treatment

Transferring these technologies to other countries, especially developing countries, will help strengthen local capacity to treat environmental pollution. This requires cooperation between parties such as government, businesses, and research institutes to carry out technology transfer projects.

During the transfer process, attention should be paid to issues such as: assessing local needs and conditions, selecting appropriate technology, developing training plans, implementing testing, and supporting operations, maintenance. Besides, incentive policies and financial support are also important factors. Through technology transfer, countries can access and apply the latest advances in pollution treatment, contributing to sustainable environmental protection.

However, with hazardous waste, people need a license to handle hazardous waste.

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