Traceability (Cooperative) 1 website traceability system is a comprehensive production process management solution

Design 02 website interfaces and smartphone app convenient for users to facilitate product traceability
Design 02 website interfaces and smartphone app convenient for users to facilitate product traceability


Process of a production management system
Process of a production management system
  • Manage product types: price, expiration date, storage conditions…
  • Personnel management: household head, manager, technician, affiliated members
  • Manage production batches for each householder and each garden
  • Manage output, revenue, inventory of each product type
  • Product value chain management: fertilizers, pesticides, animal feed, production, preliminary processing, processing, logistics, consumption…
  • Customer management: consumers, agents, supermarkets
  • Consulting on production plans based on consumption levels at different periods


  • Electronic diaries using block-chain technology help make the process transparent.
  • Take work notes with images, quickly and conveniently instead of paper diaries. Job information is stored online.
  • The facility/household owner can choose to make information & images public and transparent immediately after implementation.
  • Operate according to each producer, each lot/barn/pond, each product: add and update.
  • Receive accurate weather warnings & pest warning information (for farming).
  • Applicable to many different product industries: vegetables – fruits – fruits, livestock, poultry…


  • Applicable to many different processes VietGAP, GlobalG.A.P, Organic PGS, HACCP, USDA, Europe, Japan, Australia.


  • The raw material area map system allows filtering all cooperatives and farms that grow the required products on the geographical map.
  • Partners who want to purchase can view product information and receive directions to the garden from the system


  • Camera cluster with high resolution, directly transmitting images at the production area via the access portal according to authorized users.
  • Supports monitoring and transparency of the production process. Partners can check and monitor the farming area.
  • Automatically extract images from the camera when taking notes using an electronic diary.
  • Promote authentic images to domestic and foreign consumers.
  • Store up to the last 60 days.


  • B2B trading platform with full product information to support advertising, trade promotion, and connection between producers and consumers.

  • All products are checked and authenticated with origin information and production processes.


  • Contains traceability information: production facility, production location, production lot, grower, sale location
  • Contains information about the manufacturing process (according to cleanliness standards or the facility’s own) and nutritional information.
  • Contains information about the production date and yield of the product batch
  • Contains transparent production information: tasks (images, standard time) & dosages of drugs, fertilizers/feeds
    Statistics of users’ QR-code scans
  • Allows integration of GS1 codes or payment codes for supermarkets & agents
  • Using the most modern anti-counterfeit technology today: Optical, chemical, magnetic, SMS, 3D…

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