On August 7, Thanh Hoa Provincial Cooperative Alliance organized a training class to raise awareness and skills in applying e-commerce in product consumption for businesses, cooperatives, and cooperative groups in rural areas. ethnic minorities and mountainous areas.

Within the framework of the training course, delegates were introduced to many topics by experts from the Institute of Science, Technology and Environment, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, and a number of communication technology units. access to book conversion and e-commerce.

These are topics such as: Improving applications and skills for applying e-commerce; Improve the capacity to manage and organize e-commerce as well as the stages of advertising and trade promotion for products, goods and services associated with brand development…

Through the training course, businesses, cooperatives, and cooperative groups in ethnic minority and mountainous areas of the province have more opportunities and support for sustainable development and access to transformation. digital, e-commerce, as well as improving the quality and economic value of products.

Overview of the training session on e-commerce applications in product consumption. Photo: congthuong.vn
Overview of the training session on e-commerce applications in product consumption. Photo: congthuong.vn

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan, Chairman of Thanh Hoa Provincial Cooperative Alliance, said that according to statistics from the Provincial Cooperative Alliance, the poor mountainous areas of the province have about 190 active cooperatives. However, due to lack of capital, lack of management experience, and remote terrain, the operating efficiency of cooperatives is not high.

But with effort, determination and creativity, many cooperatives in difficult mountainous areas have built promising production and business plans, consistent with market development trends.

Through the training course, it has helped cooperative managers and cooperative groups have a clearer view of e-commerce and the application of e-commerce to the production and business activities of the cooperative, specifically understand and use online product marketplaces for products. Thereby, cooperatives can link production, promote trade, advertise and consume products….

Experts say that to take advantage of e-commerce effectively, cooperatives need to clearly identify the market, target customers, market segments, and quality standards that can be met and then digitize the products. The above step is aimed at online trade promotion methods.

According to experts, selling through e-commerce is necessary, but cooperatives still need to promote multi-channel sales, especially on cross-border e-commerce platforms instead of only selling on one store. fanpage or personal facebook page.

Reality shows that if cooperatives want to successfully develop large-scale commodity chains, only e-commerce applications can develop product brands.

The Vietnam Cooperative Alliance has built an e-commerce platform to support cooperatives in consuming products as well as connecting with consuming businesses, helping cooperatives across the country sell more than 200 products. thousands of tons of agricultural products with an estimated value of tens of trillions of VND. This is also an opportunity for cooperatives to build new business strategies and access modern distribution channels to expand the market and recover after the Covid-19 pandemic. Thereby, promoting digital transformation in the agricultural sector in general and the collective economic sector in particular..

Source: Vietnamnet