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Center for Science, Technology and Digital Economy (abbreviated as VietPRO Center), with the Vietnamese name: Trung tâm Khoa học công nghệ và Kinh tế số, is a public service unit under the Institute of Science, Technology and Environment. The center was established under Decision No. 137/QD-VKHCN&MT dated July 18, 2022 of the Institute of Science, Technology and Environment and operates based on Science and Technology license No. A-2372 issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Technology issued on April 28, 2021. VietPRO Center focuses on the fields of science, technology and digital economy, with the goal of promoting the development and application of digital technology in the economy, and at the same time meet the needs of training, research and consulting in this field.

Ceremony to announce the director of the center for technology and digital economy
Ceremony to announce the director of the center for technology and digital economy


The main mission of VietPRO Center is to carry out programs, support projects and provide services in areas such as brand building, trade promotion, technology transfer application and environmental protection. market for the collective economic sector and cooperatives. In recent times, VietPRO Center has continuously strived to improve capacity and diversify service types, thereby affirming its position and reputation in the industry. This has helped VietPRO Center attract attention and trust from partners inside and outside the Cooperative sector, actively contributing to the development and prosperity of economic sectors. The diversity of service offerings and trusted partners have distinguished VietPRO Center in the industry, creating a supportive and motivating environment for the sustainable development of the Cooperative.


The Center provides a range of professional services, diverse and advanced solutions on branding to optimize the potential and sustainable development of collective economic sectors and cooperatives.

  1. Building strong brands: With expertise and dedication, we accompany customers in the process of building and developing brands. VietPRO Center helps businesses in cooperatives access the market, enhance marketing and brand recognition, and promote products, thereby improving competition and generating profits.
  2. Effective trade promotion: With extensive market knowledge, we offer trade promotion solutions to increase productivity and production efficiency in cooperatives and expand business networks. VietPRO takes advantage of communication channels and advanced technology to promote commercial activities and create positive interactions with customers.
    Consumption promotion conference in Phu Binh District
    Consumption promotion conference in Phu Binh District
  3. Effective technology transfer: With advice and support from a team of experts, we help customers apply advanced technology to production and business processes. We find optimal solutions to increase productivity, improve quality and enhance customer business efficiency.
  4. Environmental protection and sustainable development: We are committed to implementing projects and providing services related to environmental protection. We create sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to ensure that our customers’ business operations do not harm the environment and maintain sustainable development.


VietPRO Center is proud to have a team of highly specialized, enthusiastic and dedicated personnel. With a professional working style, we are committed to bringing satisfaction to all customers, regardless of their size. We respect and build long-term and trusting relationships with customers.

Our team of experts not only ensures the best service quality but also commits to after-sales warranty. We always look for optimal solutions to serve customers most effectively. We constantly strive to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the future.

With the companion of VietPRO Center, customers can trust that we will provide leading solutions and services, helping them successfully approach branding, trade promotion and technology transfer. turmeric. We put our customers’ interests first and are committed to providing a quality and reliable experience in every project and cooperation.

With the motto “Satisfying customers more than expectations”, based on a deep understanding of customer needs, we are committed to providing reliable services to customers and Always accompanying the development of customers.

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