Improve e-commerce application skills for cooperatives

ĐBP – From August 28 – 29, the Provincial Cooperative Alliance (Cooperatives) coordinated with the Institute of Science, Technology and Environment to organize a training class to improve skills in e-commerce application and digital transformation for 52 students are directors and members of cooperatives in the province.

Instructors impart knowledge and skills in applying e-commerce and digital transformation to students.
Instructors impart knowledge and skills in e-commerce application and digital transformation to students.

Students are being trained in and learning about six topics, which include a general introduction to online sales, selling through social networks, creating interactive content, attracting customers on social networks, selling via electronic commercial channels, and providing sales support through Google Maps and Google Business. Additionally, they are being educated on the standards of goods and shipping when conducting online sales.

This initiative is part of the National Target Program for socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas. Its primary objective is to support cooperation, provide training, and foster the improvement of management capacity and professional expertise for cooperative managers and members. The program aims to create favorable conditions that promote production and business activities for cooperative members. Furthermore, it seeks to identify and propose measures to address challenges and obstacles related to the application of e-commerce by collective economic organizations during their operations.

News and photos: Duc Kien/Dien Bien Phu Newspaper
Source: VCA

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