Geographical indication registration service, raw material area map

Image registered for geographical indications, map of raw material areas
Image registered for geographical indications, map of raw material areas

What is a geographical indication ?

Geographical indications are information about the origin and source of goods. Geographical indications can be words, signs, symbols, or images to designate a territory, a locality or a country.

Goods with indications that are known to consumers will be easier to trust and choose.

Typical examples of instructions that have been recognized and protected by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Office are: Buon Ma Thuot green coffee; Doan Hung Grapefruit;…

This requires that a place exists and at this place a certain type of product is produced, the reputation, quality or main characteristics of the product being determined by the geographical conditions of the place. that place name. In order for a product to have distinct characteristics, it must be produced in that location.

In a context of increasingly fierce competition, supply chain management and optimization have become extremely important for businesses. Our geographical indication registration service and raw material area map will bring practical benefits to you:

  1. Locating and registering Geographical Indications and raw material areas: We will conduct a survey and identify the areas and main raw material sources for your product. This information will be updated into the detailed digital map system.
  2. Create digital maps for registration of the areas: With modern GIS technology, we will set up digital maps of raw material areas, including information on coordinates and roads. , distance, supply…
  3. Analyze and optimize the supply chain: Based on map data and information on geographical indications and raw material areas, we will analyze and propose solutions to optimize the supply chain and reduce costs. transportation and inventory costs and improve reliability.
  4. Online tracking and updates: Customers will be provided with access to a digital map system, allowing real-time tracking of changes and updates of geographical indications and raw material areas.

Hình ảnh đăng kí chỉ dẫn địa lý, bản đồ vùng nguyên liệu

With this service, your business will have a comprehensive picture of raw material supply, thereby making strategic decisions and positively impacting business performance. Please contact us for advice and implementation of this service today.

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