Environmental monitor

Develop and implement environmental protection and environmental monitor activities in the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance system and business organizations.

Carrying out consulting and service activities according to regulations on: Supporting the development, implementation and promotion of environmental protection models and measures for cooperative units as well as becoming a cooperative partner of many companies. companies, factories, urban areas… on consulting on environmental service activities dealing with environmental protection in the North and nationwide.


Organize and implement the Center’s programs, plans, schemes, topics and projects on Support for building models of environmental protection for the cooperative sector, businesses and establishments Domestic production.

Organize the implementation of legal documents, planning and plans after approval, inform, propagate, disseminate and educate environmental laws, monitor the implementation of environmental laws.

Always update trends and high-tech applications in handling environmental pollution problems with the goal of providing creative solutions to customers, ensuring standards are met with lower investment costs. . The center was established and operates with an ethics-based consulting model, considering creating social value as its core foundation. Committed to always accompanying customers to contribute to improving environmental quality.

Associate and cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to develop and implement programs, plans, topics, projects, etc. on environmental protection activities, monitoring and analysis. environmental accumulation.

Service activities provided on Environmental Monitoring:

Every year, based on assigned functions and tasks, the Department of Science, Technology and Environment has implemented many activities on environmental protection in general and for the cooperative sector in particular. Implemented environmental protection activities include: Preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment report, developing an Environmental Protection plan, reporting wastewater discharge into water sources for businesses and production facilities. . In addition, the Department of Environmental Science and Technology also coordinates with the Department of Product Quality Analysis and Inspection to carry out activities related to monitoring and analyzing soil, water and air environments for industrial parks. businesses, production and business establishments. Currently, the activities of preparing EIA reports, reports on wastewater discharge into water sources, environmental monitoring and analysis are being implemented quite effectively and are a trusted place for many businesses and production facilities due to their low prices. success, appropriate service implementation time and especially product quality that meets customer requirements. Therefore, service activities in this field always increase each year.

To analyze and monitor the environment is an important business
To analyze and monitor the environment is an important business

Currently, the unit’s monitoring and analysis activities are carried out in accordance with the Certificate of eligibility for environmental monitoring services (VIMCERTS 171) issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and International Standards (ISO/ IEC 17025:2017) on capacity requirements of testing and calibration laboratories (Vilas 929 – Ministry of Science and Technology certification).

Environmental monitor and analyze service
Environmental monitor and analyze service

In addition to environmental monitoring and analysis activities, preparing EIA reports, waste discharge reports, etc., every year, VietPRO Center also implements many models on environmental protection for cooperatives and businesses nationwide. water, the main types of environmental protection models include: Wastewater treatment models for all types of production, agricultural product processing, livestock farming, textiles, etc.; exhaust gas treatment model for recycling craft villages and handicraft production facilities; Model of collection, classification and treatment of household solid waste, etc. Currently, these models are operating very effectively and contribute significantly to environmental protection for businesses and production and business establishments.

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