E-commerce index report 2022

    During the two peak years of the e-commerce pandemic, our country experienced two waves. The first wave took place during the first outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020. The second wave of e-commerce took place from June to September 2021 coinciding with the fourth wave of the epidemic. During these two waves, all socio-economic activities stagnated, e-commerce business was seriously affected, but a large number of merchants made efforts to digitally transform to seize business opportunities. new. At the same time, online consumers increased sharply in both quantity and quality. The second wave resonating with the first wave will promote e-commerce to develop faster and more firmly. In that context, the Vietnam E-commerce Index Report 2022 continues to be built based on a survey of nearly 7,000 businesses nationwide from the end of 2021. In addition, the ranking of the Vietnam E-commerce Index Report E-commerce also uses a number of indicators from other reliable quantitative information sources to increase the accuracy of the Index.

Báo cáo chỉ số TMĐT 2022 v6.0 Final

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