Applying IoT technology to dragon fruit lamps

Farmers who use dragon fruit lamps to bloom always face the problem of wire theft, electric shock, switching on and off, or light bulbs exploding when it rains unexpectedly, causing a lot of damage.VietPRO Center has successfully researched and manufactured “Automatic lighting equipment control cabinet” to overcome the above disadvantages. In addition, dragon fruit growers can control the device remotely using a mobile phone…

The device can also be applied to control residential lighting and outdoor billboard lighting

Vietnamese solution, for Vietnamese people

The control system is completely in Vietnamese, the interface is very intuitive, applicable from small gardens to large farms. In addition, the device can also apply timer control of automatic sprinkler and drip irrigation systems for dragon fruit gardens. Not only does it warn and signal theft of electrical wires, but it also warns of theft of the electrical cabinet (itself) in both cases of power outage or power outage (power outage at the transformer station). When there is a power outage, the burglar alarm system will switch to power from the built-in battery, which can operate 24 hours. Therefore, even if there is a power outage, the system will still operate normally. Thanks to its flexibility and convenience, installing this device helps dragon fruit farmers reduce their worries and not waste time keeping watch every night during the lighting season.

Chong đèn trồng thanh long 12 vụ mỗi năm - VnExpress
Light up dragon fruit lamps 12 crops per year – VnExpress

Ability to operate independently

In addition to the function of lighting for off-season flowering dragon fruit trees, the device is also highly automated. Just adjust the on/off time and functions, then the device will work continuously (100% accurate at appointment time), no need for people, limiting danger due to contact with electrical switches. The device automatically turns off the lights when it rains, depending on whether it’s light rain or heavy rain. When there is a theft or a blown fuse, the sensor will monitor the condition of the wires and light bulbs. Detecting changes such as stolen wires, burned fuses, burned bulbs… the device immediately issues a sound warning – siren (on-site alarm) or notification by phone (magnetic alarm). remote) let users know so they can have a timely response plan. In addition to the automatic operation function, people can easily control the lighting system on and off with their mobile phones no matter where they are.

Outdoor billboards and things you don't know?
The device can also be applied to control residential lighting and outdoor billboard lighting

The device helps people not need to hire workers to control the lighting system like before (saving 9 million VND/crop, equivalent to hiring a person to control the lights throughout the season for about 9 months). The dragon fruit garden had 500 – 800 light bulbs. When it suddenly rained, the power could not be turned off in time. In just one night, about 100 bulbs were damaged (exploded), causing a loss of about 470,000 VND. During the season, if it rains many times, it can cause damage of many millions of dong. Theft of electrical wires for lighting appears in most dragon fruit gardens in Binh Thuan, Long An, and Tien Giang. The price of a roll of electric wire is about 800,000 VND, each garden needs from 20 to 50 rolls. Therefore, when theft occurs, people suffer huge losses. With an initial investment of 12,200,000 VND (free installation, 18-month warranty), the device can be used for 10 years. Compared to using manual lamps, people will save over 10 million VND each year.

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