Cooperatives are “keeping pace” with the digital market

In Dien Bien province, recently, digital technology has been applied by many cooperatives to contribute to changing production methods, improving productivity and product quality. Not only that, digital technology also participates in the market development process through sales on e-commerce platforms and social networks of cooperatives. Thereby, contributing to improving competitiveness, expanding and “keeping pace” with the digital market, and limiting costs from intermediary steps. At the same time, it creates opportunities for cooperatives to deeply participate in economic activities in the context that the country is actively building a digital economy.

Dien Bien agricultural product production, processing and trading cooperative was newly established in 2022 with the main business of making vermicelli and noodles from brown rice. Accessing digital technology, the cooperative has focused on advertising and introducing products through e-commerce platforms and social networks.

According to statistics, after bringing agricultural products to digital platforms, the unit had the opportunity to reach about 5-10 potential customers/day. Up to this point, more than 30% of the cooperative’s orders are placed and consumed through digital platforms, mainly markets outside the province such as Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho…

According to Ms. Phan Thi Hanh Dung, Director of Dien Bien Agricultural Product Production, Processing and Trading Cooperative: “Now when I post it online, customers will see it and they will try it. As before, if we introduce traditional channels, we will have to gradually sell to our neighboring places, and far away customers will be very difficult to reach. But now when there are new products, customers can access them and the market is broader.”

Using digital platforms for sales has helped many individuals, cooperatives, and business units promote and sell more products.

Currently, more and more cooperatives in the province are participating in promoting products on e-commerce platforms, selling via livestream, using websites to introduce and promote; Implement marketing methods on digital platforms, advertise on Facebook, Google, Tiktok… This not only helps customers update information about the cooperative faster but can also easily compare prices. with similar products from other units. Furthermore, through this the cooperative also has a new source of customers.

“During the process of production, business and trade, we also sell on social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook, and on electronic information portals. During the selling process via social networks, it helps ensure your time. I don’t have to go sell to many places.” – Mr. Luong Van Binh, Director of Muong Pon Agricultural Service Cooperative, Dien Bien district, shared.

However, besides the cooperatives that quickly applied and participated in online sales, there are still many models that are struggling to bring their products to the e-commerce platform or do not know about these models. advertising, marketing products or e-commerce platforms.

Therefore, in recent times, the Provincial Cooperative Alliance has promoted the organization of training classes to raise awareness and qualifications for cooperative managers on the benefits of applying digital technology and commerce. e-commerce; Focus on marketing skills, planning… From there, help cooperatives change business and consumption habits in a more modern and effective way.

A training class on e-commerce for individuals and cooperatives organized by the Provincial Cooperative Alliance.

Mr. Trinh Anh Tuan, Director of the Center for Science, Technology and Digital Economy – Institute of Science, Technology and Environment, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, informed: “We will try to open about 2-3 more training classes in 2023 for cooperatives in Dien Bien province. We guide cooperatives on how to sell through online platforms. In addition, we also try to hand-in-hand and show people how to practice directly in class as well as arrange for people to visit units that have the ability to sell and promote good products in the province.”

It can be affirmed that the effectiveness of digital transformation in production and consumption of products has been proven; Applying digital transformation and keeping pace with the digital market is an inevitable trend, a requirement, an objective requirement of development, one cannot not do it, one cannot stand aside.

However, to achieve this goal in the province, we still need a comprehensive policy on human resources, capital, machinery, and specific equipment for cooperatives. At that time, the cooperative will bring optimal experiences to partners and consumers, contributing to the cooperative’s development in harmony with the country’s integration trend./.

Phuong Dung – Duc Binh/DIENBIENTV.VN

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