Cooperatives access the agricultural products consuming e-commerce market

Recently, many cooperatives (Cooperatives) have approached and shared the production and processing process and provided information about agricultural products through Facebook and Zalo and promoted sales through the floor and e-commerce market. … This is a good sign showing the market rhythm of cooperatives in the digital technology age.

In the past two years, the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic have changed consumers’ thinking and awareness about online shopping.According to Nielsen research, the rate of online shopping in Vietnam in 2020 reached 32%, a high increase compared to the rate of 18% in 2019. The frequency of purchases by e-commerce has also nearly doubled. double, from 1.2 times in 2019 to 2.1 times in 2020.

Take advantage of the e-commerce market

According to forecasts, with the development of information technology, online shopping will continue to be the main trend. This is a favorable condition for cooperatives to improve their competitiveness, expand consumption markets as well as deeply participate in economic activities in the context that Vietnam is actively building a digital economy.

Understanding this, many cooperatives have applied e-commerce to expand output for agricultural products. Typically, Tan Khanh Java Rambutan Cooperative (Vinh Long) is producing on an area of ​​28.5 hectares. The cooperative has applied science and technology to help spread rambutan crops all year round. Producing on a large area and having products all year round means that the consumer market must be stable for the value of agricultural products to be high and members’ income to be guaranteed.

Therefore, the cooperative has flexibly searched for markets through social networks, fanpages and e-commerce platforms. From 2020 until now, despite many difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the cooperative’s products have still been regularly exported to the market. Members use Facebook and Zalo to post photos and videos about the process of growing, caring for, and harvesting rambutan or information about the origin of the plant. In particular, through the electronic trading floor, the cooperative has linked and signed stable consumption contracts for members through businesses.

Joining the e-commerce market helps expand customer circles
Joining the e-commerce market helps expand customer circles

Mr. Vo Van Be, Director of Tan Khanh Java Rambutan Cooperative, said that since joining e-commerce sites, the cooperative’s products have been more positively received by the market, and buyers also trust them more. The cooperative’s customer base has also expanded, and the number of goods produced and consumed has also increased significantly despite the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic.

It can be seen that one of the effective and sustainable directions for cooperatives to improve their competitiveness, expand and adapt to the market is the application of digital technology. And, to be able to adapt to the impacts of the market, especially the Covid-19 epidemic, many cooperatives have found their own solutions to improve resilience and minimize damage.

Research by the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on 174 cooperatives in 24 provinces and cities and 34 provincial and city Cooperative Alliances recorded that 76.8% of cooperatives participating in the survey have apply digitalization for information exchange and collective decision making; 47.4% of cooperatives changed business methods such as converting traditional sales to online combined with door-to-door delivery; 37.4% of cooperatives use information technology in training, propaganda and consulting on subjects and policies…

According to experts, although the Covid-19 epidemic has severely affected business activities, this is also an opportunity for cooperatives and people to apply technology to business activities in the direction of e-commerce to overcome. challenge. In particular, in the context of the complicated epidemic, e-commerce will certainly increasingly develop and gradually replace direct forms of buying and selling.

Huge space for cooperatives

Recently, after encouraging signs in promoting the consumption of Bac Giang and Thanh Ha lychees by a number of cooperatives on e-commerce platforms, Facebook pages… a series of agricultural products from people and cooperatives in the provinces Thanh has launched a campaign to penetrate this potential online sales market such as: Dak Lak avocado, Son La plum, Vinh Long purple sweet potato.

According to records from the authorities, within just 6 days of launching the online agricultural market on Sendo (from June 21 to 26), nearly 200 tons of agricultural products were sold. This proves that farmers and cooperatives can completely master the e-commerce playground. Opens up new directions, solving the problem of agricultural product consumption as well as increasing the value of goods for farmers.

Although the online agricultural market has ended, currently, some members of Tay Buon Ho Fruit Cooperative (Buon Ho town, Dak Lak) are still busy with the work of packaging and transporting avocados according to the orders finalized on facebook page. This year, although the epidemic is complicated, it is still considered a bumper year for the members because thanks to Tay Buon Ho Fruit Cooperative connecting with businesses, the output of specialty avocados has reached people. consumption through online shopping channels.

When consumption is good, it means the income of people and cooperative members is also better. This has changed the perception of people and cooperative members about this new way of doing things.

“After finishing the online agricultural market, members have learned how to prepare product information, take photos, and post information to introduce agricultural products, so they still want to maintain this form of sales to let more customers know. to the cooperative’s products,” said Mr. Bui Thanh Huynh, Director of Tay Buon Ho Cooperative.

According to experts, selling online through e-commerce platforms, social networking sites, and online sales helps cut down on intermediaries. Especially when linking with businesses to sell online, people and cooperatives are also trained and familiar with a more professional post-production process.

Easily manage information and promote products on the e-commerce market
Easily manage information and promote products on the e-commerce market

Currently, 100% of transport cooperatives, market cooperatives, handicraft, trade, and service cooperatives are equipped with computers and use management software such as accounting, email, and data storage. .. However, only about 20% of cooperatives have websites to introduce and promote products and services and about 40% of cooperatives apply e-commerce to serve product buying and selling activities (according to the Center for Industrial Science and Technology). Technology and Environment – Vietnam Cooperative Alliance).

This shows that, for cooperatives, e-commerce is still in its infancy. The main reason is that the level of personnel managing cooperatives is limited, there is no specialized personnel in promoting e-commerce activities, and the resources for infrastructure and machinery and equipment are not guaranteed.

Seeing the role of e-commerce in collective economic development, the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance has been actively propagating and training to improve operational capacity for cooperatives. At the same time, strengthen coordination with ministries, branches and businesses to mobilize resources from national target programs to support cooperatives in applying science and technology to chain production and bringing agricultural products to the exchanges. E-commerce like sendo, lazada, shopee…

However, experts and support activities for e-commerce in the cooperative economic sector and cooperatives need to be given more attention to match the potential to expand the scope of trade in goods between regions. and promote exports.

And to do this, there needs to be a synchronous solution from technical infrastructure support policies to training to improve information technology qualifications and skills to serve e-commerce activities for cooperatives effectively. suitable and practical.

Source: vnbusiness

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