Brand Building and Development

Building and developing a brand is a very important action for every business, which, if successful, will evaluate the business’s position in the marketplace. But currently, there is a section of businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, that are still not really interested in this issue. With today’s fiercely competitive market, not developing a brand for your business is eliminating yourself from the market race.

Strengthen support for businesses to build and develop brands
Strengthen support for businesses to build and develop brands

What is the brand? What is branding?

Brand is the customer’s perception of a product, service, or company. That perception will develop over time, so unknown products, services or a company cannot yet be called a brand.

Branding is the process of making organizations, businesses, products, and services more popular and famous. At that time, the brand will be known to more customers and gain an impression in the hearts of customers through factors such as brand image, brand communication, employees,…

The importance of branding

   Support products to easily enter the minds of customers, distinguishing them from competitors’ products

   Create credibility and facilitate the introduction of new products

   Create customer loyalty to the business, help the business expand its scale, market, and increase sales

  Is the pride of employees, helps attract talent and retain old employees

Why is it necessary to build a brand development strategy?

Brand building and development strategy is the prerequisite for a business to have the best start and preparation.

   Brand building and development strategy is the direction for businesses

Building and developing a brand is the foundation for every business

A clear strategy will make a difference from competitors, recognize differences to overcome future difficulties

Brand building and development process

     Study the current situation and establish criteria

This will help you determine the current state of your business and set some goals for the future. Specific tasks that need to be done include:

✓  Research current marketing work

✓  Customer contact

  Research your competitors

  Build brand vision

  Evaluate the current situation and set criteria as a foundation for the brand

    Brand creation

Building a brand identity system and being consistent with the above mentioned criteria is the goal of the brand creation phase. Brand identity system includes office identity, advertising identity, product identity…

During this stage, businesses need to build their own vision, mission, core values, brand story, logo, slogan and other related languages ​​and images.

    Intellectual property protection for trademarks

When registering for protection of a business brand, it will be protected by law; Avoid the possibility of confusion with other brands in the same field as yours; Rest assured that you can promote your products and services as quickly as possible to customers; Avoid disputes that arise during the use of the brand and especially have exclusive ownership of that brand in the registered national territory to have the right to sue other entities for infringement. , using the same or similar trademark as yours is protected.

    Communication for the brand

This job is to promote your brand to customers quickly.

Truyền thông thương hiệu là gì?
What is brand communication?

Building a communication strategy for a brand requires each specific stage as follows:

✓  Identify the media audience

✓  Identify the messages transmitted

✓  Brand promotion time

✓  Select media

✓  Estimated implementation costs

    Accompany and develop with the brand

Businesses need to accompany the brand so that brand management is carried out consistently and most effectively.

Administrators need to regularly consult on brand management, train professional teams for brand management, and need to manage brand promotion activities in the most consistent way to recognize and handle problems effectively. fast.

    Evaluate brand building and development strategies

Businesses need to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of brand development seriously. It is necessary to build tools and indicators to closely monitor and measure brand coverage and value through each stage to have a reasonable investment.

Làm thế nào truyền thông Thương hiệu Gắn chặt và Lan tỏa? – Phần 3

In short, “Building a brand is about building trust and prestige, not simply having a logo and having a name or a brand attached to it.” To do so requires the efforts of the entire enterprise from leaders to employees and synchronous implementation of the above solutions so that the enterprise can cope with current and future challenges.

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